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Storytelling Pictures Overseas Reel

Storytelling Pictures Overseas Demo Reel. Footage capture in Vietnam, Korea, China, Japan, New Guinea, Thailand, Nepal, Germany, Russia, Poland, Colombia, India, Africa, Indonesia….

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The Art of Marriage

The Reckoning: Remembering the Dutch Resistance

One of the reasons we produced the documentary film, “The Reckoning: Remembering the Dutch Resistance”, was in part, a small effort to preserve historical truth before it was silenced forever. Sadly these people are dying everyday from old age, and with them nuggets of wisdom and truth, experienced first hand, from a world war that happened over 60 years ago.

Though many movies have been made and much has been written about WII, there is still nothing more compelling than an eyewitness account. Especially accounts confirmed by thousands who tell similar stories. Stories of prejudice, Nazi tyranny and unthinkable evil.

As these men and women (teenagers at the time) were faced with incredible and horribly fearful circumstances, they chose to set aside their own lives to rescue and help strangers. Strangers who believed differently and who lived differently.

They simply loved their neighbors as themselves.