MYGR6 Interactive Experience

At Storytelling Pictures, we never do things the easiest way. We embrace challenge, and are always looking for new ways to tell meaningful stories. So when the MyGR6 team asked us to propose an installation for the community-wide art piece, we got excited … and then we started brainstorming.

We wanted to create something that was truly immersive and revolutionary. We wanted people to not only be able to see their submissions in the artwork displayed at the Grand Rapids Public Museum, but to actually influence the artwork on-site. So we explored the very newest arenas of technology, and decided to push the boundaries.

Microsoft Kinect is an incredible motion sensing input device that allows “you to become the controller.” No wires, no controllers, nothing. Just you and your movements. We have adapted the Microsoft Kinect technology to allow users to manipulate words and create their own 6-word stories simply by moving their hands. The experience is amazing, almost sci-fi, for all MyGR6 participants.

But we did not stop there. We wanted to give the interactive element a artistic atmosphere and storytelling backdrop, so we turned to projection art—another exciting new field combining technology and art. The colors, stories and sounds projected on the textured wall of “old Grand Rapids” in the museum provides a beautiful experience for everyone viewing the exhibit.

As all of these elements come together, we are truly exited about the possibilities. Grand Rapids is a fantastic community, and we consider our involvement a privilege.

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