“I Can’t Talk About It”

I Can’t Talk About It, is a project we’ll be starting soon that deals with child abuse.  Sexual abuse and sex trafficking are horrible crimes that not only make the headlines from those “other” major cities, but it happens right here in West Michigan.   It’s not just in the underserved or poverty stricken areas, but it’s also white middle class suburbia where young girls are being used and abused as sex objects for pleasure, drugs, money…whatever.

Telling this story is never easy.   Hiding it is worse.

As we work with different non-profit advocacy groups around the country in visually communicating this tragedy (and the need for such advocacy groups/shelters) right in our own backyard, our goal is not to presumptuously wage war against sex trafficking.  It’s far too big.  We’ll never win the fight as long as there is a demand.   But our goal is to motivate just one person to get involved.  To speak out.  To point out.   To reach out.   One on One.  One at a time.

We may not deter the enemy’s charge, but we can tend to – and help heal – the wounded.

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